Reviews: Orfeo, 2012

"Still little known in Brazil, but already pursuing notable international career, Kismara Pessatti (Orfeo) possesses  a rare, beautiful and colorful Alto timbre, which she artistically masters, allied to a stupendous acting, demanded by Araújo’s uniquely designed staging. At the very end of the show, the words “ May the whole world serve the empire of beauty” sung by Orfeo and extracted from the libretto, was projected on the walls. More than a mere citation, it serves as a confession of faith, a pact with Art signed in capital letters in this already mythical production."
Concerto Magazine by Leonardo Martinelli

"Orfeo, played by the Alto Kismara Pessatti, singing this role title for the first time in Brazil, offers a touching performance generously contributing to Araújo's very unique staging.  Unique also in its moments of unforgettable lyricism, where the orchestra, choir and singers contribute to the show in the same way, with staging proposal expanding beyond the classic and the contemporary, the stage and the audience, the past and the present – It is Art in its most illuminating and pleasurable sense."
Blouartinfo by Fátima Gigliotti

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